Friday, September 26, 2014

Food Friday #3

Did you notice what a slacker I am?  I missed last week.  Although, last week I was getting ready for a craft show/fundraising event, so I just didn't even have time to focus.  However, this week I'm back!

All the recipes are pretty basic this week!  Sunday night's dinner is breakfast.  Have you ever had abelskievers before?  Have you even heard of them?  They're amazing.  That's a recipe I promise to get up pronto.

And I'm back cooking with the help of the girls over at Our Best Bites again with the Chicken, Black Beans and Apple Salsa.  It's one of my favorite meals ever.  Best blends of flavors...nice a healthy...I love it!  And just to clarify - I am getting absolutely nothing for continually sending you to OBB.  I just really love their recipes!

What about you?  What is your favorite "go to" website for recipes?
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