Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oh, What do You do in the Summertime?

We were lucky enough to spend 75% of our first month of summer break traveling.  When we got home, my children were a tad high maintenance since they'd been over-stimulated with non-stop fun for a month.  I've been busy coming up with fun ideas to try to keep them busy while we're at home between days at the pool and other fun field trips.  Where do I go for ideas?  Pinterest, of course!

Just a few days ago, we made playdough.  I have posted my own recipe for glitter playdough HERE, and liquid playdough HERE. But this week we tried this no cream of tarter recipe found at To the Moon and Back.

The dough turned out perfect and is still in great condition several days later.  One batch is more than enough to split in two, though, so if you need multiple colors for multiple littles, one or two batches will suffice!

We also had fun with these robot prompts from Picklebums.  My oldest even ended up cutting his robot parts and pasting his new 'bots together.  The nice thing about this is that Picklebums was nice enough to offer it as a free printable, so we can go back for more anytime we want! ;)

Just before school let out for the year, some high schoolers came to my son's kindergarten class and did origami with them.  Since then, he's been obsessed.  So, we recently ordered this Origami Fun Kit for Beginners (Dover Fun Kits)from Amazon: (affiliate link)

It has been great for both my boys.  Obviously, I have to help them out a lot, but it is great for fine tuning their fine motor and critical thinking skills.  After they are done folding their origami, they color in the faces and any details they may want.  I currently have quite the zoo collection going on in my house.  Their imaginations have run wild...their cats have names and their pigeons now have far the best $8.00 I've spent all summer.

What about you?  How have you been keeping your little ones busy this summer?

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