Sunday, September 1, 2013

A GoodNite for an Undercover Mission

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My son, "K" is 3.  And luckily enough for me, this kid pretty much potty trained himself (thanks to watching big brother!) before he was 2.  The only hang up we have now are night times.  Especially when we're traveling or out of our normal routine.  So far, he's not too concerned about whether or not other people know he's wearing a "diaper" for bedtime.  But.  Sometimes kids can be mean and turn something that isn't a big deal into a really HUGE deal just by a few thoughtless comments.  I would really like for K to keep his nonchalant attitude about wearing training pants at night.  Because, really?  There are plenty of other battles to endure with my 3 year old!  :)  


K loves these GoodNites because they have Spiderman on them.  He could care less about anything else; whether or not others can tell he's wearing something other than underwear or whether it keeps him dry at night.  It just doesn't matter to him.  But Spiderman?  Makes all the difference in the world!


K so excited for his "night time Spiderman underwear" (as he calls them)


Nice and dry the next morning!



Unfortunately, we even got to try these out during our recent hospital stay when K cracked his skull open.  They did a great job of keeping him discreetly dry and comfy (well, from the waist down!) during his entire stay.



We have been using GoodNites at our house for several years now.  I love them!!  They are so much better than any other brand of night time training underwear that we have tried.  I only wish they came in a bit of a smaller size - my guy is still teeny tiny, and the smallest size is still pretty big on him.  But even though they're a little big, they still do a great job; I never worry about wet sheets in the morning when he's wearing his GoodNites!



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