Saturday, December 8, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Day 12

DAY 12!!!

We made it! I'm not sure whether to be relieved or sad...
I sincerely hope you've had fun getting to know a few new shops.  
I know I did!  And I also had a blast sharing some of my favorite shops with you as well.

Before I get on with the giveaways for today, as promised, here are the links for all the previous days in our giveaway.  Just click on each number to take you to the giveaway for that specific day!

Now.  Because this is our last day, today's winner is in for a treat!  We have 3 different shops offering several prizes.  One lucky winner is going to be very, very happy!

Up first, we have Chris from Of UsualTees.
Chris makes some of the most amazing items out of recycled t-shirts.  We're talking garland, Christmas stockings, bracelets, yarn... SO COOL. 

She is giving away this handmade rug.  
It's 2'x3', and personally, I think it screams to be placed in a college dorm or apartment.
But really, it could go anywhere.  Doesn't it just look so soft and inviting?
"Please step on me and squish your toes in me..."

We also have Claudia from Snuggly Monkey
which is another super fun shop with many different items to offer.
Claudia is giving away an eye pillow (yes, please!) with a matching pocket mirror.
Adorable, aren't they?
Yet another perfect stocking stuffer (or two!).

And last, but definitely not least,
we have Brittney from The Sweeet Life.
Her shop is all about baking accessories.  
Sprinkles, dusting salts, sugars, party favors...the whole nine yards.

And get this.
She is giving away 6 different sets of cupcake toppers, which can all be seen below.
That is a total of 132 cupcake toppers.
Who's ready to throw a party?  Or maybe 6?
There you go!!  How's that for a nice, fun haul?
You have until midnight to enter all the giveaways, and then I will announce the winners on Sunday.
Be sure to check back to see if you've won!!!

I seriously hope you guys had fun!
I hope if you're a small business owner that you'll join us next year in the fun.
And more than anything, I hope you'll support all of the 24+ shops that participated in our giveaway, OR any other small business this holiday season.  

Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

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riorita said...

Lovely colorful givaways! Beautiful rug!


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