Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Peter Pan!

As promised, here are our Halloween costumes for this year. Peter Pan, Captain Hook, the crocodile and Wendy Darling. I originally posted about taking on such a huge project in making all the costumes here. It really wasn't so bad; I had quite a bit of fun making them AND I had the pleasure of realizing that I can do it!

My cute little family. We actually won a $30.00 prize for best costume Halloween night!

For Captain Hook, we bought a white dress shirt and some dress slacks at Goodwill for like $8.00 total. I ripped the collar and cuffs off of the shirt, and un-stitched the strip down the front with the button holes in it. I made ruffles from some left over white broadcloth I had, stuffed the edges in the button paneling down the front and sewed it back up. I then replaced the shift cuffs with ruffles. I cannot tell you how much I giggled over seeing so many ruffles on my husband's shirt! The pants I just cut off below the knee and put elastic in the new hem. The vest? My biggest accomplishment! I made my very own pattern from a fleece vest he has, and made the vest on my own. The sash was as easy as it gets, and his white socks? Some of my old white tights. I spent less than $20 on the entire costume - including the accessories we purchased.
And the cutest little crocodile? My biggest expense. I wasn't about to tackle that one on top of the other 3 costumes I was making. So, we purchased a crocodile costume and added a clock around his neck.
To make Peter Pan's costume, I followed this tutorial over at Make It and Love It. It was super easy, and all I paid for was the $5.00 pants at Target. I had everything else I needed!

My dress was the most labor intensive, and the photo above is the best photo we got of it all weekend (and, by the way? Cheap, shiny fabric is not conducive to flattering photographs. I swear it adds 20 extra pounds). I learned a ton of new sewing techniques making the dress, and am still quite shocked that I pulled it off. It fit perfectly the first time I tried it on and I didn't have too many problems getting it together. I'm debating whether or not I'll be brave enough to try something "real" to make now. We'll see.

So there you go! We had a weekend full of 3 different Halloween parties to attend, plus trick or treating last night, so the costumes definitely got their full use out of them! I'm already starting to plan for next year...

Hope you all had as wonderful a Halloween as we did!


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