Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Halloween Undertaking!

My husband was so kind to remind me last night that I have been seriously slacking on my "Self Improvement Sunday" tasks (you can read about those here). However, I have undertaken a huge task in getting Halloween costumes ready that will be 4 months worth of "Self Improvement Sunday" projects.

Our little family is going as Peter Pan. My 3 year old is dying to be Peter Pan, my almost 2 year old will be the crocodile, my dear husband as Captain Hook and you guessed it! Yours truly as Wendy Darling. Yes. I am making all of the costumes by myself (with the exception of the crocodile. But he will have some homemade accessories). And, yes, I am a bit intimidated by it all.
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I started on my dress last night. This is the pattern I am using (the dress on the left).
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Let me just give you a quick run down on all the new sewing techniques I will be learning for this project.
1. Using a pattern. I have never used an honest to goodness for real pattern that hasn't been my own without the help of my mother. Sad, I know. It freaks me out a little bit knowing she isn't here to rescue my poor little dress.
2. I am altering the pattern just a smidgen. I want it less formal dress like and more nightgown like. Mainly, no overlay and adding a real sash rather than a silly wire ribbon bow on front.
3. Gathering (I got that one down this morning!) and button holes.
4. Sewing with satin. Yes, satin. I already understand why my mother tried changing my mind when I asked for satin Easter dresses. It's not a very friendly material.

So there's five pretty good new techniques I am learning; and that's just on my costume! I still have Peter Pan, Captain Hook and bits of a crocodile to do!!

I am excited though. My dress already has one perfect little sleeve (I'm really hoping that's the hardest part...)!! It will be fun to say I did it all myself (fingers crossed). And if it all turns out well, then who knows what I could do next?!?

I will definitely keep you posted!

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