Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Self Improvement Sunday"

Earlier this week, I shared my "lack of sewing skills" secret. You can read it here if you wish.

The first sewing technique I tackled was sewing in a zipper, using the zipper foot on my sewing machine (after I figured out which of the 4 extra feet that came with my machine was actually the zipper foot. Embarrassing, I know.).

This is how it turned out. I used scrap material that I had laying around, and the outer material I ended up using was cotton that I had lined with batting (it's original purpose was to be used as burp cloths). It obviously makes the cotton thicker which I really liked for this little zipper pouch. Makes it feel like it has more substance.

It's not perfect, and I only ripped it apart about a half a dozen times, but for my first shot at it, I'm happy!

My goal is to share a new technique that I've tried with you every Sunday. Hopefully, I'll get organized enough to start turning these into tutorials. And hopefully, I'm not the only one who is seriously lacking in some skills that will appreciate my attempts.

Any suggestions as to new techniques or projects I should try? I am seriously open to anything...I have a lot to learn!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I see that this is one of your older posts, but just wanted to let you know I love those fabrics!!Great job with the zipper! I have a sewing machine and I've sewed a few things on it, but it is still intimidating to me. I would love to learn how to correctly sew on a zipper.


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