Monday, October 31, 2011

Rockabilly Monster Mash

Last night, my sister asked for some help creating a "Rockabilly" hairstyle for her to wear to work this morning. One of her jobs is waitressing, and for Halloween, they were allowed to wear costumes rather than their normal work attire. The only stipulation was that hair had to be pulled back as usual.

So, this is what we came up with. She has a ridiculous amount of gorgeous, curly, red hair. So I piled the top half of her hair on her head, and wrapped the bottom half into two separate buns underneath. Tonight, she can let the buns out and have an amazing ponytail instead.

Of course, my boys wanted in on the action too. They wanted "monster hair". They got their monster hair and then had to practice their "monster hands".

They even got some "monster eyes". And the end result of playing in Mommy's vanity all night: 2 cute little monster boys and their favorite Rockabilly Lala.
Happy Halloween! Tomorrow I will have all the photos of this year's costumes! Have a safe and fun filled evening!!

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