Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ways I Save Money

Who doesn't love a good deal?  And who couldn't use a few extra dollars in their pocket - especially with holiday spending right around the corner? I'm going to share a few ways I've found to save my family a little extra money this year.  And before I even get started, I am in no way representing these companies; I don't get paid or anything for them - I just love using them.  :)

1. My all time favorite app to use is Ibotta.  I have saved well over $100 in the last year grocery shopping with my Ibotta coupons.  I also love that your "teammates" help you earn extra monetary bonuses each month.  If you're not familiar with how teams work on Ibotta, simply link your Ibotta account to your FB account and it will automatically link you up with your FB friends who are also on Ibotta.  That's it!

2. In conjuction with Ibotta, I also use Checkout51.  Many times, they'll have the same coupons so I end up getting items for next to nothing.  I've even managed to get paid for buying a few items!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

3. I'm also a huge fan of Ebates. If you're not familiar with Ebates, you simply start there with any on-line shopping you need to do and then receive a percentage of your purchase in cash back.  For example.  I buy a LOT of fabric from  Instead of going directly to, I go to Ebates, search for and enter the website that way.  Then, when I check out, it shows up on Ebates that I made a purchase from and then I will get 3% of my total purchase back in cash (keep in mind that not all on-line stores are represented at Ebates, and the percentages of cash back vary).

4.  Have you tried Walmart's Savings Catcher yet?  In two months time, I had already saved enough to buy a major Santa gift for my boys for Christmas this year.  Simply take your grocery receipt from Walmart, enter it in and they give you cash back for any items you could have purchased cheaper elsewhere.  Basically, it's their price match guarantee without you doing any of the leg work for it.

5.  And last, but not least, is a new social media site called Tsu.  It's much like Facebook - only cleaner looking and without the gazillions of ads.  Plus, they pay their users royalties so you get paid for your interactions and postings.  Granted, it's not a ton, but like all the rest of these, it adds up over time.  Come check it out - I have a personal page on Tsu and one for Kadydid Designs.  I'd love to see you over there!

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