Monday, October 20, 2014

Teal Pumpkin Project

Just in case you haven't heard yet, I wanted to introduce you to the Teal Pumpkin Project.

The idea is simple.  Paint a pumpkin teal and place it on your doorstep to indicate to families that you are providing a non-food item to children who cannot consume traditional candies due to severe food allergies.

None of my children have food allergies.  However, I have many friends who do. Their children have always had to sit trick-or-treating out because the risk involved was too great.  Besides.  How fun is it to go out trick-or-treating just to get a bunch of yummy candy that you want to eat but aren't allowed to?

So this year I challenge you to snatch up some glow sticks, stickers, snap bracelets...whatever, and have them handy to give out to children with food allergies this year.  And don't forget your teal pumpkin!! You will be making somebody's Halloween exceptional this year!

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