Friday, September 5, 2014

Food Friday #1

One of my goals has been to get back on track with meal planning.  It's something I rather enjoy doing, but I easily get side tracked with everyday life and find myself just throwing together whatever I can find in my kitchen at the last second (which totally stresses me out, by the way).

As a way to hold my self accountable and actually get it done, I've decided to share my weekly meal plans with all of you.  If I have a recipe. I'll include links for you.  Some recipes I'll add to the blog once we've had them.  If nothing else, hopefully seeing my menu plan will help inspire you when it comes to trying to figure out "What's for dinner?".

So...welcome to our first Food Friday!

Obviously, my meal "weeks" run from Friday to Thursday.  That's just because it coordinates nicely with the fact that my Friday mornings are designated for grocery shopping.  

And just so you know? Most Friday nights will say "Date Night", but don't kid yourself.  I never get date night once a week.  It's wishful thinking on my part.  However, that allows me a freebie night somewhere to just do leftovers or chicken nuggets for the kids or something else like that.

This week?  Both the Tuna Noodle Casserole & Chicken & Wild Rice Soup are coming from Our Best Bites.  I love those girls!!  You can find my chicken pot pie recipe HERE (it also provides one freezer meal for somebody else or to use later).

What do you think?  What's on your menu board for the week?

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Melissa said...

What a great menu! I'd be stoked for the chicken pot pie night ;)

Menu planning is an old trick that was passed on by my home ec teacher mom! Definitely stretched a dollar, avoids frustration and wasting food!

This week on our menu: Moroccan meatball stew over couscous and homemade pizzas, among other things!

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