Friday, August 22, 2014

Favorite Places to Shop

I have two new favorite places to shop online.  One is for my littles, the other is for me.  And their deals are too good to pass up, so I had to share!

Have any of your heard of Twice yet?  It's all name brand and designer clothing that is lightly used OR new for ridiculously cheap.  This week?  I got a pair of Banana Republic jeans, a sweater from Talbots and a shirt from Ann Taylor - all with tags on them - for less than $30.00 (and that included shipping!!).  Can you believe that?  The site is awesome and there's tons to choose from.

Have clothes you want to get rid of?  You can sell them to Twice and use that money to buy new stuff.  Win, win right?

For my kids, I am loving Moxie Jean.  Same concept as Twice - just for kids.
I have yet to actually pay for anything at Moxie Jean...I keep sending in my kids' stuff that I was going to get rid of anyway and just trade it for clothes that we need now.  And again, most of the items I get still have tags on them.  Seriously!  Who doesn't love a good deal?

Now tell me - are there any other resale sites I need to know about?  Please share!!

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