Monday, April 21, 2014

Craft Show Etiquette

As some of you may know, I run a craft boutique with a couple of girlfriends twice a year.  We just wrapped up our spring event and are busy getting ready for our fall event.  Since everything is fresh in my mind, I wanted to write up an etiquette list for any craft show vendor.  If you're brand new to the craft show/boutique scene, this will be perfect for you!  It's also a nice reminder for seasoned vendors. :)

So.  In no particular order, here's what I would tell new vendors:

1.  Provide anything your event planner needs as it's asked for.  Vendor fees, applications, photos of your product and/or an image of your logo may all be things your event planners may ask for.

2.  Have questions?  Ask!  Our event demands vendors to provide their own tables.  However, one of our vendors was about to back out because she couldn't locate a table.  Once she explained her dilemma, we were more than happy to help her locate a table so she could keep her space.  Your even planners want to help you!  However, do keep in mind that the more favors you ask/demand; the quicker you're going to run out of favor.  Here's the bottom line.  Ask for help if you need it, but don't be demanding and needy.

3.  Make sure you are set up for the event ON TIME!!!  Nothing is more frustrating than to be ready to open the doors and realize you're missing a vendor or three.  Not only is it irritating for the event planners to have you setting up late, it's also rude to your fellow vendors and the shoppers.  It may also affect your table space/location as planners will rearrange last minute to hide any empty spots.

4.  On the flip side, DO NOT BREAK DOWN EARLY.  If your event runs until 5:00 pm, that means you are sitting at your booth with a smile on your face until 5:00 pm.  Perhaps later if there are shoppers still browsing.  When you signed up for the event, you made a commitment to be there for the full shopping hours.  Breaking down early to try to sneak out quickly just makes everybody mad and will probably hurt your chances for getting into that same show again later down the road.

5.  If you have to cancel your appearance at a show, let your event planners know ASAP.  Chances are good that there is a waiting list of vendors who would love to take your spot.  The sooner you know you aren't going to make the show (due to emergencies or you just change your mind about doing it), the easier it will be for your place to be filled.

6.  Lastly - HAVE FUN!!!  Craft shows are the perfect networking opportunity.  Kick back, relax and get to know your neighbors.  You may come away with a new best friend...or 10.

What do you think?  Did I leave anything out?  What are your biggest pet peeves as a craft show vendor?

Oh!  And by the way?  We are having a contest on our Facebook page to rename our boutique!  Head on over, leave your suggestion(s) and you could win a $25 Etsy gift card! (You do NOT have to be local to win!)

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