Monday, December 2, 2013

My Thanksgiving Fail

Happy December!  
How was everybody's holiday?  I hope everybody at too much food, enjoyed lots of family time and managed to sneak in a little R&R.

Since we didn't go anywhere for Thanksgiving this year, and we didn't have anybody at our house (first time that's happened since we've been married!), I decided that I would try a new dessert.

I've been wanting to try and pumpkin cake roll for years.  YEARS.  But for whatever reason, I decided to go with a red velvet cake roll instead.

It did not work out.

I mean.  It kind of resembled a cake roll.
Minus all the cracking.  And lack of cream in the middle.
Not pretty.

However, I learned a lot in this first attempt, and I have complete faith that the next try will go much better. Here's what I learned.

1.  Do NOT wear black when attempting a cake roll.  It over accentuates just how messy one really is in the kitchen.  In my case, it was really messy.

2.  Make sure that the recipe you are following (or blog found via Pinterest) has ALL pertinent information you may need for your baking adventure.  Turns out the tutorial I was following used a different jelly roll pan size than the one I was assuming she was using, which was probably my biggest problem.  A problem I didn't realize until after I had baked my first roll, saw there was an issue and then went back and carefully inspected her photos. It would have been super helpful if the tutorial she was giving would have mentioned her pan size.  But whatever.  Live and learn.

3.  The cream filling?  Quadruple that recipe amount if you want your cake roll to look as full and pretty as they do in the photos.  Mine clearly didn't have anywhere near enough.  It was definitely yummy, but it could have been yummier!

I think I'm better prepared for my next cake roll adventure.  Maybe for Christmas?  We'll see.  I will say that although it wasn't the prettiest, it did taste okay.  It definitely turned out better than my pumpkin pie from last year (when I totally forgot to put ANY sugar in it, and then served it to a house full of company...), but that's a story for another time.

What about you?  Any big Thanksgiving fails at your house this last week?


Ashley Duggan-Smith said...

It still looks delicious, I'd take a piece! I haven't attempted a cake roll before, but it's always fun to try a new dessert recipe this time of year!

Amber said...

Hopefully it still tasted good! I definitely have had similar experiences with baking! But usually, as long as it has enough sugar, I am happy. Also, I like your advice about not wearing black while baking. Haha!


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