Friday, September 13, 2013

Cookie Friday: Surprise Cookies

Kate Symmonds!!!
You won the jar of Triple Chip Cookie Mix from Mason Jar Mixes!
Email me at kadydiddesigns(at) to collect your yummy prize!

Alright.  So this week's version of Cookie Friday is a bit sloppy on my end.
 I totally forgot that I was planning on blogging about this until half way through,
and all I had handy was my cell phone to take photos.
So.  The photos are bleh.
My child is half naked,
and my counters are a mess.
But whatever.  That's my real life.
Doesn't everybody bake cookies in just their swim trunks?

This week we made Surprise Cookies (thanks to Martha Stewart), which I have pinned on my Cookie Monster board on Pinterest.
You can find the original recipe for these cookies HERE.
We followed everything as written, and the cookies turned out great.
Obviously.  Not my photo.  Martha Stewart's photo.  Again, the appropriate link...

Not only were they yummy, but they provided lots of helping opportunities for little hands.
These would be perfect for post-camping trip leftovers;
when you have half a bag of marshmallows left from making S'mores.
Or is that just our family?
Kehlton had a blast smooshing the marshmallows down on the cookies.

And he even helped make the frosting to go on top.
(The homemade frosting was delicious.
However, you could totally skip that step and just use store bought.
Sorry, Martha.)

Obviously, these were a huge hit!

If you decide to try these out, let me know how you liked them!


Sian said...

One of my favourite things to do with my children is cook. All I can say about those cookies is yum. A must try for my household I think!

The Art Bug said...

they look yum!..pinning to my recipe board!!


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