Friday, October 19, 2012

Guest Blogger: Two In Diapers

Hi! I'm Cassie! I normally blog over at Two In Diapers, but I'm super thrilled to be filling in for Alyssa today over here at Kadydid Designs! Thanks so much for having me, friend!

 I am the overly proud momma of three precious kiddos, ages 4, 2, and 1. Two In Diapers is my home sweet home for sharing the everyday and many-times hilarious events that happen in our busy household!

I thought I'd try to give you a quick picture of one of the many moments that occur around our home!

I was busy doing this or that, and happen to look down in the family room where Grayson {14 months} was playing quietly... 

...just in time to see articles of
once-neatly-folded clothing flying one by one across the room at the
hand of a tiny and very busy little boy

 I suppressed a giggle, as I watched
the basket empty completely in about 30 seconds flat.

Satisfied, Grayson crawled away... with a pair of his big sister Emily's itty-bitty panties attached to his foot.

 Love brief moments like these! Motherhood is so much about appreciating the humor in every situation!

If you found any part of this story funny, or even just enjoy looking at photos of cute kids, then you should definitely come on over and follow our story at Two In Diapers!

Thanks again, Alyssa, for letting me come over and visit today! 

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