Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gratitude & Reflection

I know I don't typically get too personal on this blog, but bare with me today!

Last night, my hubby and I were talking (Okay. Well, I was doing most of the talking and he was listening). I was telling him how much I wished we were at the point where we could just upgrade to a newer and bigger home now, and wondering how to get us to that point just a little bit faster. Anyway. After a bit of me venting my little frustrations, I quickly realized something.

We have been married for just over 5 years. 5 years isn't really a very long time. But in those 5 years, we've had 3 (well, technically 2.75) babies, who are healthy and strong. We've owned 2 homes and moved once.  We've had a complete career change. We still have an excellent relationship and marriage. But with the biggest "milestone", right before our 2nd anniversary, our entire lives crumbled before our eyes. We lost SO much. All of our financial security was gone, leading to most of our assets soon disappearing. And while our marriage was still solid, there was definitely a lot of rebuilding to be done and egg shells to be walked on. There was physical and mental health to be strengthened. We had a lot of work that needed to be done.

In the last 3 years we have had to totally rebuild everything. So...while we're not quite back to where we want to be (yet), we have accomplished quite a bit in 3 short years. Obviously, we have lots of family members and a loving Father in Heaven to thank for helping us But to make the amount of progress we have in the last 3 years is no small feat. I just need to remember to be patient, and to look backwards every so often just so I can see how far we've come. And to keep in mind, that with as much as we've been able to accomplish in the last 5 years; who knows how much we can do in the next 5 years!! Maybe...maybe I can have my newer and bigger house before those 5 years are up! ;)


Erika said...

I feel the same way sometimes,thank you for sharing this!God bless

Lotte said...

Hi there,
Thank you so much for following along with the first ever ‘Friday Chaos’. Hope you come back again next week.

I have just reached my first milestone on my blog and I’m hosting a mini give away be sure to stop by and check it out!

Look forward to seeing you again next week.

Lotte xoxo


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