Tuesday, August 21, 2012

7 Weeks...

And counting!

It is ever so slowly starting to look like a little girl is moving in here...although I still have a LOT of girl-i-fying to do..

Only 7 weeks to go, and I am more than excited.
We got to see our Little Miss yesterday.
All 4.5 lbs of her.
Sweet pouty lips and busy little toes!

It's a good thing for those sweet pouty lips and busy little toes,
because I am ready to be done!
The 16 pounds I've gained thus far feels more like 100.
And the never ending 100+ degree heat is taking it's toll.
(It doesn't matter what the A/C is set at; I'm still roasting at all times.  Cranking the air doesn't work; just means I'm still hot with an even more ridiculous power bill.)

Regardless; I'm excited!  Excited to be done and excited to have a little girl in this house!!


Julie Rogers said...

Where did you get those prints?? They are SO cute!


the Sweetest Memory said...

It is coming up soon! I remember being so hot too! At least it will start to cool down (very slightly) when the baby is born!

the Sweetest Memory

Vanessa @ CUTIFULbaby said...

16 pounds isn't too bad, lucky you! ;)
I gained...38 pounds when I was pregnant with my daughter! :S
I was feeling soooooooo heavy!
Good luck for the last miles! :)


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