Friday, April 20, 2012

My Weekend

Lucky for me, we are headed here for the weekend.

Yep.  The Grand Canyon, and then Sedona.  Gorgeous red rocks, lots of outdoor fun.  More importantly, temps that are not above 100 (which they will be at home).

My uncle (who is the second from the left) is kind of a hard core mountain biker.  He's doing a race from the AZ/Mexico border all the way up to the AZ/UT border.  He's the entire reason for our trip this weekend, actually.  We are taking his car up to the finish line so it can be there ready and waiting for him when he finishes all 750 miles (which includes a Rim to Rim hike of the Grand Canyon with his bike on his back) of this race.  We've had fun watching all of the racers via their little GPS "spots" online this last week.  These guys are crazy!!

Anyway...those are my fun plans for the weekend.  What are you up to?


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