Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Interesting Dilemma Part 2

Yesterday, I shared an experience with my shop being the focus of attention in a large open forum. A mom was asking about the necessity of car seat covers and if she could possibly make her own for much cheaper. She had my shop specifically linked to her thread. No biggie! I know there are many tutorials out there for car seat covers; car seat covers/canopies/whatever you want to call them are obviously not my idea. However, the design of my car seat covers are (adapted from my sister in law's).

A lot of the feedback was not very nice. I know that they weren't always speaking specifically about my product, but it was my product they were judging against. And a lot of it was just because people didn't really know what the product was for. I was kind of heated about it at first, but here's what I ended up doing. And honestly, some of it was just negative for my shop in the sense of "yes, you can make this by yourself...don't even pay money for it". Convincing hundreds of people that they can make these themselves doesn't help me much. :)

I replied to the thread. Here's what I said:

Hi! I am actually the owner of Kadydid Designs, and those car seat covers that you shared the link for are my own design.

These car seat covers are quite popular. I started making and selling them when I got numberless compliments on the one I used with my last baby. I live in Arizona, so it's obviously not cold, but it was GREAT for keeping people away from my tiny newborn. No germs, no unwanted fingers near the face and no weather elements. There is still plenty of room for air flow since it's only attached at the handle, and the ribbon ties prevent the blanket from slipping anywhere.

You can find similar tutorials for these all over the internet. They're not hard to find. If you would like to make a replica of my cover, I would be happy to sell you just the pattern (in pdf format). You can contact me via my Etsy shop.Smile

Good luck with your new baby!! And thanks for all the exposure this morning!Wink

Alyssa Stander

Kadydid Designs

It was really fun watching my shop views skyrocket all day yesterday! Hopefully some of them are people who can't sew or hate to sew and will turn into real customers!


marla said...

Good job! I don't know if i could have responded so well this soon after their first post. I hope you get some good customers from them.

AdeeZaleski said...

Yea I CANT sew and I think the carseat covers that you make are too adorable. I also appreciated that you custom made the one that I wanted for a friend. The tutus you make are adorable as well! My brother and sister in law are expecting and as soon as I find out what they are having you can count on me doing another multiple order. I am happy you handled that whole situation the way you did. If it happened to me, I wouldn't be so kind because when I make something I put my heart and soul into it. It is obvious you do the same or you wouldn't have such beautiful products in your shop!



Danesa said...

What a great response back to what was being said! What they will find out that it will probably be easier to buy from you b/c they may not have the time to sew it or find that your price is reasonable. ;)


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