Friday, November 25, 2011

Etsy Shop Spotlight: Pets Stocking Stuffer Edition

I am rounding out the month of stocking stuffer ideas with ideas for pets. Surely I can't be the only one out there who buys a special treat for my puppy for Christmas, right? There's not 10 on this list, but hopefully I caught something for every type of pet!

1. Crocheted Egg Toy from Morgans Dead $5.00. These little eggs can come with or without a bell in the middle of them for extra fun! A perfect toy for cats or ferrets!
2. Peanut Butter & Banana Crunchy Dog Treats from Otto Hearts $4.00. This is for a 4oz bag (approximately 16 treats). All natural ingredients for your doggie!
3. Parakeet/Budge to Cockatiel Size Bird Toy from Abeeka Toy $5.00. Lots of fun rings, butterflies and geckos for your little bird to climb, swing on and jingle!4. Dog Collar Cover Up from Ruth's Craft Room $7.50. A nice, soft and snuggly cover to keep your pup's neck nice and toasty warm. They'd love it!
5. Catnip Mouse from Kitty Jones $10.00. These little mice come in 7 different styles, and are filled with catnip for your pets enjoyment!
6. Cat Treats Gourmet Pumpkin and Catnip Flavor with Cheddar from True Treats Pet Bakery $5.25. This is for 4oz of deliciousness for your little kitty.
7. Personalized Dog or Cat bowl from Belle of the Ball Designs $9.00. The cat bowl measures 5" holds 8 oz of food and is personalized with their name and fish bones. The dog bowl holds 16 oz and is personalized with their names and a paw print. Too cute!

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