Friday, November 18, 2011

Etsy Shop Spotlight: Men's Stocking Stuffer Edition

This was by far the hardest list to compile. 99% of the little, easy, under $10 gifts for men were gag gifts. Farting, poop, know the drill. But I really wanted to stay clear of all of those. So, most of them are under $10, but I think just one snuck in above that price tag.

1. Spice Chipotle Hot Sauce from JC Hot Sauce $6.00. If your guy likes to cook, or eat, then this might be a fun idea! A new brand, a new blend; why not try it out? If nothing else, *you* can appreciate the pretty bottle/packaging...
2. Hiker Hand and Body Lotion (8oz) from Plunk Soap $10.00. This outdoorsy smelling lotion sounds perfect. Plus? Jennifer at Plunk Soap is giving Kadydid Designs readers a 10% discount off their order!! Just convo Jennifer before placing your order and she'll hook you up.
3. Sports themed Fishing Lure from Luregasmic $6.00. You pick the sport that your man is most interested in, and you get a fishing lure to go with it. Comes in a gift box too (which is super wouldn't want those lures loose in the stocking!).
4. Hot Stuff Muscle Rub/Salve from Wild Rose Herbs $6.49. A herbal, spicy rub that has to smell better than Icy Hot.
5. NFL Poker Chip Keychains from Black Orchid Creations $4.50. Obviously, there are multiple teams to choose from. And actually, multiple NFL themed merchandise to choose from as well. I thought these were kind of fun and unique!
6. Lego Minifigure Man Shot Glass from Scallywag Design $9.13. This, to me, screams "little boy stuck in a grown man's body!!!". I love it! Wouldn't this be perfect for the shot glass collector? Too fun!
7. Personalized Mens Stationary from Oh Louse Designs $13.00. This is for a set of 12. And if your husband is anything like mine, he needs cards for clients all the time. These are clean, professional and can be used as a "thank you", "congratulations", so on and so forth.
8. Business Card Holder from rfrantzdesign $4.50. Another one for the businessman in your life. Maybe you have a new grad with a new job? Or a not so new grad with a new career? Or maybe just somebody with a desk that could use a place to put his cards. Either way, I love the look of this!
9. 3oz Garlic Beef Jerky from MR Products #7.00. This is one I'm sure my husband would love. Hands down.
10. Wedge Golf Tees from Nancianne 14 $7.25. This is for a set of 12, brightly colored golf tees. They are offered in a variety of different colors, but I really like the orange. Hard to miss!

Hope this lists provides some ideas and inspiration! Happy Shopping!

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