Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Hard Knock Life!

We had a garage sale this morning. In planning for this sale, we knew we would need to include our boys somehow, so we decided to let them do a treat stand. We did this last year with my girlfriend's boys and they made out like bandits! We spent all day yesterday making cookies, frosting cookies and applying sprinkles. My oldest, Brychan, was very excited to earn some money to buy a new dragon (the one he currently has evidently needs a friend).

So this morning, we got them all set up with their little table, reminded them that they needed to smile and say thank you and all that jazz. And then they waited. And waited. And waited. Not one single person would buy a cookie!
Brychan was getting very discouraged and sad. I sent a text out to his Lala and Papa, who both promptly called in their orders (thank you very much!!), resulting in Brychan doing a little happy dance in our front yard. But soon after, when everybody kept passing by his table, he was wondering why nobody would buy his cookies.

Finally, a car full of 4 grandmothers pulled up, smiled at my boys and started rummaging. Without any prompting from me, Brychan took a cookie, walked up to one of the ladies, and held it up to her without saying a word. She complimented his cookie, and then he came back to me, sad that she didn't buy his cookie. I (hinting as loudly as I could) told him he needed to use his words and ask the lady if she would like to buy the cookie. My poor son mustered up every ounce of courage he had in his 3 year old little body, walked up to the same lady, held up his cookie (with his little brother right behind him holding up a second cookie), and asked "Would you please like to buy a cookie?". She. Said. No. I was shocked. He was crushed. Seriously?!? It took everything I had not to cry with my broken hearted little boy. I guess it was a good lesson for him to learn; that people get to make their own choices whether we like it or not. But, really. Couldn't at least one of those ladies forked over a dollar to make 2 little boys extremely happy?

After nap today, we are going to buy a new dragon. He may not have earned his money, but he worked hard for it. And was a champ about it. And Papa Davis? Your cookies are in the mail!!

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Anthony and Erin Mills said...

YOur poor boys! If I lived closer I would've come!


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