Friday, September 9, 2011

Reading Corner

My boys love books. I love that they love books! They have always had a corner in their room that is full of large, over stuffed pillows, and when I saw the idea to use spice racks from Ikea as book shelves, I knew it would be perfect!!

So, yes. These spice racks were $3.99 each (I was lucky enough to snag the last 2 that my Ikea store had, which is great since it was an hour drive for the sole purpose of getting them!). So for a total of $8, we have perfect, child friendly book shelves in their new reading area. I'm sure many of you have seen this all over blog-land; I've seen it in quite a few different places.
When I find the time, I plan on painting them so they match the rest of the room.
Excuse the horrible lighting! We have their window covered to block sunlight and heat. It works great, but makes for horrible photos.
The entire little reading corner. I have high hopes that it will be used often! I have another wonderfully inexpensive Ikea find that I will be adding to their room decor next week, so stay tuned!

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CassyzCutiez/Sophistica said...

These are cool! said...

Hi. Friend of Valerie's visiting her little monsters. (Great site btw.) I noticed your sheer brown curtains in this photo. Where did you get them? I like the ends and have been looking for some like this. George


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