Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Won?!?!!!

Thanks to a fun little giveaway over at Chef In Training last week, I won an awesome 3 month membership to E-Mealz. I am SO excited!!! I am totally one of those people who never wins anything.


But. This was the perfect giveaway for me to win! E-Mealz is awesome. They plan your meals for you each week (you can choose from a ton of different meal options; plans for couples vs families, gluten free, low fat, etc.), they give instructions on how to cook your dinner each night AND they make your shopping list for you. There is absolutely no planning on your part. Just log in once a week, print everything off and go to the store. YAY!!! I've been looking over their menus and it all seems to be stuff that my little family will eat. Again. SO. EXCITED.

Anyway, go check them out. They did not ask me to do a review; they have no clue I'm doing this. I just really love the idea. And love that I won. And am so excited (have I made that clear enough yet?) to try it out!

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