Sunday, August 14, 2011

Self Improvement Sunday

If you follow me on Facebook,
you know that I have recently had a teenage girl ask me to teach her how to sew
(even after warning her repeatedly that I am probably not the best person to ask).

My Mom sent me an idea yesterday from Sew Like My Mom that I thought would be perfect!
It's a tutorial for a super easy, super cheap summer skirt. It will be perfect for Paxton's first sewing attempt.

AND, it provided me the opportunity to try a new sewing technique: shirring.
I followed this tutorial to learn how to do it.

I LOVE it!! I am now thinking of all sorts of fun things to make!!
By the way, I did finish my skirt. It cost me $3.00 to make. And I do love it.
I think it will be the perfect skirt to take on vacation with me later this week.
So I'll save the "finished" photo for now, cause I'm pretty sure the skirt will look tons better
either on the beach, or at Disneyland!

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