Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flannel Board

I've been wanting a flannel board for my boys for quite some time now. But, I didn't want just any flannel board. I wanted it to be "pretty".

I then ran across an idea somewhere online to take an old picture frame, take out the glass, and cover the back with flannel or felt. Brilliant!

I didn't have any old picture frames, but I did have a broken mirror in my garage (it didn't survive the move 2 years ago and got tucked away in a corner. "Yay" for trash that should have been thrown out ages ago...). After my sweet hubby removed the broken glass, I used some spray-on adhesive and covered the back panel with some leftover felt I had laying around.

I actually like the mirror frame much better. It's longer than your typical picture frame...perfect for any landscape.
I should have been patient and waited until the felt stories I ordered from Fun Felt Stories came to take pictures of my new flannel board. I also probably should have waited until I had better lighting. But...I'm not very patient. I'll just take those photos later!


Becky Jensen said...

i love this idea, and will steal it!

Hi, im Shellie said...

my two boy would love these. cant wait to see other pictures.

Rach H said...

I see you've started a blog! How fun! Thanks for linking up at my little party!!!

Rachel said...

I need a flannel board - I just may try this. Thanks for sharing!!


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