Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How to Support Your Favorite Mompreneur (Without spending ANY money!)

We all have those friends...the ones who are up to their eyeballs trying to run their own business.  Whether it's one of the 500 people in your Facebook feed selling Rodan & Fields (I can't be the only one with that problem, can I??), your aunt selling LuLa Roe, your sister in law swearing by LipSense or your bestie peddling her super cute - but super pricey - handmade goods on Etsy...we all have loved ones trying to make a living by selling products they love.

Don't get me wrong! Hello!! I am the one peddling my goods on Etsy.  I love Rodan & Fields and use it religiously.  I own a few pair of LuLa Roe leggings and I do happen to love LipSense.  I have absolutely nothing against ANY of these forms of making an extra buck.  I am all for women trying new things and/or working hard for their families. However, as much as we want to (or really maybe DON'T want to), it is not feasible to purchase every single item from every single loved one.  Right?  So how can we support those that we love with their dreams of success without spending a small fortune?  It is really so, so simple!

On Facebook??  When you scroll past a friend's business post, give it a quick like or heart.  Leave a quick comment; even if it's a generic - "That looks interesting!". Share one of those posts once in awhile with a "Hey! I don't know if anybody's interested, but my girlfriend is selling this amazing product!".  Likes, comments and shares boost their posts so they get seen by more people, which in turn helps drive more business their way.

How about Instagram?  All the same as Facebook.  Liking, commenting (although it's super helpful if your comments are at least 4 words long!!), sharing pics/posts and tagging your friend's IG account in any appropriate posts.  The BIGGEST show of support for me on Instagram is when real life people/real life moms post a photo of my stuff to show it off.  You'd be amazed at how much traffic that drives; even if you only have a small handful of followers.

Pinterest!!!  We all love Pinterest and spend way too much time searching for delicious foods or cute holiday decor.  Next time you're perusing Pinterest, take a minute to visit your loved one's website and pin one or two of their items to an appropriate board.  All it takes is ONE pin to randomly go viral to absolutely change somebody's business success.  Trust me...I've been on the receiving end of that.  Crazy thing is?  You never know which pin will be the "magic" one!!  Perhaps one of the pins YOU pinned to support your Mompreneur will be the one to catapult her business into overdrive!

These are all tiny tasks that literally take seconds to do, but would mean the world to your Mompreneur friends!! Show them that you are supporting them, even if you don't want to buy any books, fitness regimens, or legal advice, 😉

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