Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DIY Felt Christmas Tree

This is seriously the easiest and cheapest gift you could ask for.
A felt Christmas tree.

Remember when I made this table cover play house for my kids?
It left me TONS of leftover felt.

So, with a few cookie cutters and free templates I printed off, I made a bunch of ornaments.

Here's what you need.

1 yard of felt.  
The good thing is that felt is so wide, that it comes folded in half.  So buying the 1 yard gives you enough to make 2 trees.
Scraps of felt and/or fabric
Velcro (loop side only)
Fabric glue or hot glue
Any embellishments you want!

Total cost to make 2 felt trees?  $7.00!!!!  
And that includes the velcro and new felt pieces for the ornaments!

It's pretty self explanatory.  If using fabric, you'll need some kind of stabilizer so it's not so flimsy.  I just used scraps of iron on stuff I had from an applique project I did ages ago.

So.  Grab some supplies, pull up your favorite Netflix show and knock out a few trees for some of your favorite littles.  I promise they'll love you for it!

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