Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mr. Scarecrow

Want a quick, easy, FREE, kid-directed Halloween decoration?  

Meet Mr. Scarecrow

This guy seriously kept my 3 children entertained (happily!!) for well over an hour.
I simply took a pair of my hubby's old jeans and one of his flannel shirts; closed the pant legs off with rubber bands, did up all the buttons on the shirt, handed the littles a huge stack of newspaper and told them to get busy!  They had a blast crumpling all the newspaper and stuffing their dad's clothing with it.

They seriously had SO much fun and they love seeing him outside our front door every day.  At least one of them sits on his lap everyday, they tell him secrets on their way in the door and frequently rearrange his pumpkin head.  
(He may or may not have scared the dickens out of me a couple of times already.)

This was a Halloween tradition each year when I was little and I'm so glad I can pass it on to my children too.  What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions you are carrying on to your children?

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