Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Bags

You may have noticed that the blog has been kind of  quiet as of late; that would be because I was super busy trying to get last minute costume orders done and in the mail; not to mention getting my own children's costumes ready in time for a big party this weekend.  Throw in there an unexpected sick day (or two), and there goes any and all time for blogging.  But.  I'm back.  And today?  I'm sharing the Trick or Treat bags I made with my kids.

Let me first say how excited I was when my son came to me and asked me if we could please make bags this year.  Yes!  Of course!!  And I immediately started making mental checklists and plans for these adorable Halloween bags for them.  That was my first mistake.

My son already knew exactly what he wanted.  (Which, I might add, was nothing I had even thought of).
He wanted to draw his own pictures on his bag.  AND he wanted to pick out his own fabric for this bag.
So, that's what we did.
 We went to Joanns and bought a few plain canvas bags, a set of fabric markers and the boys each picked out a Halloween fabric that they really wanted.  When we got home, I set everything out for them and let them have at it.  It kept them busy for quite a long time!
The spent so much time figuring out what they wanted to draw, what colors to use and how to make their bags just perfect.
 In the end, I ended up with 3, hand designed Trick or Treat bags for less than $15.00.  They're not the prettiest bags, but I love them because they are my children's very own bags.  So cute.  And something that we will hang onto forever.

OH!!  Our winners of The Great Paci Clip Giveaway!!
Congrats to:
Holly Mitowski
Laura Bustillo
Vicki Lesage


Ashley Duggan-Smith said...

How fun, not only is that a great memory to have, but you also have a useable and personalized bag! I remember doing something like this for Christmas with my family when we drew names and decorated bags to put the gift in.

The Art Bug said...

I think they ARE pretty!

Splendid Little Stars said...

How creative and fun and awesome!


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