Sunday, September 22, 2013

Super Handmade Sunday

Girl With Flowers As Thoughts
Art Print available here.

Hey there people and Happy Sunday to you! I hope you are having a fantastic day, wherever in the world you may be. I am back at work now but still working my way with my handmade business. World domination will be mine!! :)

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This week, I wanted to share with you some goodies from another lovely treasury I was featured in by the lovely Cat Fabrics And Buttons. It's totally gorgeous and a beautiful shade of jade green - enjoy :)

A Beautiful Beaded Bangle
A Beautiful Beaded Bangle - I really love this. So pretty and such a gorgeous shade of green.

Jade Elephants
Jade Elephants - I love this little procession. So cute and lovingly carved.

A Wide eyed owl
A Wide eyed owl - I love this art work. So cute and perfect for a children's room.

Hearts of green
Hearts of green - a gorgeous paper garland. This is so cute.

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Have a great day!

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