Thursday, May 23, 2013

Car Seat Organizers

We have a last minute, unplanned and unexpected trip to Utah coming up soon.  And because my car has little to no extra storage space when it comes to traveling, I wanted to throw together some car seat organizers for my boys to keep some of their "treasures" in.

So...I perused Pinterest for a few minutes to get a few different ideas, gathered some scrap fabric I had laying around (I happened to use a bunch of Peak Hour fabrics from Riley Blake), took a few measurements and got busy!

These were SO simple that a tutorial really isn't even necessary.  You can totally figure out how to make these just by looking at the photos.  After measuring my car seats, I found that I needed my fabric to be cut 16" x 19" for the main bag.  Basically, you take your 2 pieces of fabric, sew them right sides together and then flip them right side out and add your handles.

I added a pocket on the front of the organizer just because I had plenty of fabric.  The strap was 3" x 18" (I wanted it to be pretty flush with the car seat).

Making both organizers took about an hour.  Super fast.  Super easy.  Super cheap.
And I'm hoping that they are similar enough that there will be no fighting over who gets which one.
I can't wait to stock their little organizers full of their surprises for the trip (I think I'll do another post just with ideas for road trips with littles...), and hopefully these organizers take some of the chaos out of the back seat!!


Ashley Pahl said...

This would seriously make my life a whole lot easier... thanks for sharing!

Krissy Barton said...

Those are cute and look so easy! Do your kids have any trouble reaching them? I might have to try it.

I found you on One Artsy Mama and I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll visit my blog when you get a chance and follow me as well.

Krissy @

anastasia anezinis said...

cool idea!


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