Monday, December 31, 2012

Checking In

Remember this post?  The one where I broke down all my health and fitness goals?  Okay.  Well, I've learned a few things since starting my "journey" a couple of months ago.  Let me share.

So far, I've been doing okay.  I've lost all my pregnancy weight plus a pound (that would be 30+ pounds thank you very much).  The last three weeks I've hit a wall; but I am blaming that on the death of my sister's boyfriend, which caused a tremendous amount of stress and a bit of extra company in my house.  Add to that all the holiday yumminess that is taking place right now and you've got my big, fat, cement wall.  I plan on breaking that wall down come January 1st.  But here's what I've learned:

Having a fitness buddy is an incredible motivator.  While I don't always workout with my girlfriends, we do always check up on each other, compare notes and try to motivate each other.  It really makes a difference!!

MyFitnessPal is my new best friend.  Seriously.  I log on probably 15 times a day to add in my food intake, any exercise I've done, and just to check my friend's progress and reports for the day.  It is an amazingly easy little app that keeps track of all my calories (both digested and burned).  LOVE it and highly recommend it.  Are you on My Fitness Pal and need an extra friend?  You can find me {here}.

Breakfast is a must.  Even if it's just 2 pieces of toast, your body needs nourishment in the morning.  Water is also a must.  I am blaming my lack of weight loss for the last 2 weeks on those two things.  Even though I stayed within my allowed calories for the day, I stopped losing weight when I stopped eating breakfast and neglected to get my 8+ cups of water each day. is also a new favorite.  It's full of 15 minute workouts that really, really work.  I'm not gonna lie; the workouts are HARD.  But, they're quick and they work.  I will say that their videos verge on being pornographic, so I make sure that I don't have it on while my husband or my children are within viewing areas.  I have their app for my phone so I can just watch the videos on my phone for my workout; and then nobody can see it but me.

And lastly, another new favorite is Rock My Run.

 You can find tons of playlists already put together, in time increments that work for you.  You can either purchase playlists to download OR you can just be patient and get one free one each month.

So, there are my tips for anybody who wants them as we all gear up to kick 2013 off on the right foot.  I'd love to hear how you plan on achieving your fitness goals this year!!

**By the way, I got no compensation whatsoever from any of the companies listed above.  I just really, truly love their sites and use them regularly!!**


Rebecca D. Dillon said...

I went from a 138lb. size 6 down to a 125lb. size 2 in about six months. I stopped eating fast food completely, I stopped eating potatoes and cut WAY back on pastas and bread. And I try to walk 3-7 days a week depending on weather and how I feel. (I have fibro.) I also cut way back on my wine intake, and I try to walk whenever possible by honestly parking further out in the parking lot and getting up at work to walk to the printer every time I print rather than printing a whole bunch of things and then making one trip. I don't think I could ever "diet" traditionally or keep a log. Just making small lifestyle changes though can make a big difference.

Angela said...

Very motivating. I'll show my sister your workout binder since we usually try to workout together! We love My FitnessPal. I noticed that once I stop logging in, I don't watch my eating at all... it's a really good app to have!


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