Friday, September 14, 2012

Magnetic Memo Board

Wow!  Welcome to all of our new blogger friends!  I hope that now the big giveaway is over you'll stick around and play! :

Since we've been turning the office into a nursery, my boys kept asking me when I was going to "paint their room". Well. I wasn't going to paint their room (it really doesn't need it!), but I did decide to freshen it up a little bit. After all, it was still pretty babyish, and it didn't seem fair that baby sister was getting all the new stuff!

So, out went all the zoo animals and in came the dinosaurs! One thing I wanted to add to their room was a memo board to hang pictures on. Off  I went and bought 2 14x14" magnetic dry erase boards and 2 14x14" cork boards (just like the ones shown below via Amazon).  And, after perusing for quite awhile, I found some super cute dinosaur fabric that I not only loved, but matched the boys room as well. 

 For all of you non-sewers - there was no sewing whatsoever involved in this project AND it took me less than an hour. Here's what I did:

First, I cut my fabric.  Since my boards were 14" square, I cut my fabric 17" square so that I would have enough edging to wrap around the sides and to the back.
Then, using spray adhesive, I glued the fabric on to the boards. 
Had I had an ounce of patience and/or forethought, I would have marked my fabric before gluing it on the boards to ensure it was on straight and even.  It all turned out okay; I just realized that taking that extra step would have made my life a tad easier.

Smoothing out the fabric was an excellent job for my little helper!

I didn't take photos of the last step, but all I did was use Okay To Wash It fabric glue to glue the fabric to the edges and the back of the boards.  If you haven't tried this glue already, it's awesome!! It's what I use to "sew" my husband's scouting patches on his uniform.

The very, very last step was adhering the fabric trim to the front of the boards.  Yes, I do kind of wish I had just sewn those on, but again, it really turned out fine just using the fabric glue.  The strips are 1" wide by 17" long.

And there you go!  A super cute memo "board" with two magnetic sections and two cork board sections waiting for photos of 2 very cute little boys to be hung on them.


Melissa said...

thanks for the tutorial! I've been looking to add something similar to my dorm room!

<3 Melissa

Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

What a fun project! I love the fabric choices and how quickly it all came together. I am a very impatient crafter and a non-sewer -which might be related somehow...;) so this project is right up my alley!



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