Monday, February 6, 2012

Adventures in Amblyopia Part Five

Okay. I know I promised some resources for those who may just be starting out on their journey with eyeglasses and young children, but the shopping thing was just way too fun! I have lots of cute suggestions for items to purchase for your little one with glasses; none of which have any labeling such as "nerd" or "geek". That is a major pet peeve of mine. Granted, it never really bothered me until my son had glasses, but now it really gets under my skin.

In December, we got my son's first negative comment regarding his glasses.  I took my boys to a Christmas party with the school kids I work with every day.  One of my girls (who is 9 or 10) whispered to one of her girlfriends that my son "looked like a nerd".  Her girlfriend totally ratted her out to me.  As the teacher, I calmly explained that just because somebody has glasses doesn't make them a nerd.  And, if they want to be a nerd then there's nothing wrong with that either.  I went on to say that he just has glasses because his eyes aren't quite strong enough and need a little extra help.  As the mom, I was livid.  I was so angry at her parent's disregard to teaching acceptance and understanding.  She is old enough to know better and her comments were uncalled for.  Now. I know that as the mom, I was totally over-reacting.  Sometimes, Momma Bear just gets a little too huffy!  Going back to the initial comment; my son didn't even hear it. Even if he did - he has no clue what "nerd" means.

In working with my elementary school kids, I've noticed that if you don't wear glasses, but decide that you do want to wear them - then the "nerd" look becomes cool.  If you do wear glasses but don't have a choice in wearing them, then you automatically get the "nerd" label without the coolness.  I know this isn't the case all the time.  And I know children have to learn what is acceptable and appropriate.  But they learn it from adults.  Which is why clothing with eyeglasses on them that are labeled "geeky" or "nerd" really bother me.

I hunted around Etsy and found some super cute items relating to children in glasses.  None of them are labeled in a negative manner (believe me, there were a lot that were!).  I appreciate these shop owners for being respectful; even if they did so unknowingly.

This cute crayon tote is from {Petite Angels Boutique}.  It's $18.50

 This super cute onesie is from {URBARIAN}.  Not only do they have infant sizes, but toddlers, children and adults too (see the photo below).   They range in price anywhere from $24.00 - $50.00

 {Lovies For My Babies} makes these customized dolls for your little one.  Aren't they precious?  If you send her a photo of your child, she will make the glasses in the same color and shape as your child's. LOVE IT. These cost $36.95.

This onesie from {The Wishing Elephant} is adorable.  It's $18.00 and available in sizes up to 18 months.

The last two items I'm sharing are prints.  Both are adorable and would be fun in any child's room!
This first one is from {Lulu Froot}.  It's 8.5'x11" and is $20.00
 I love this little owl.  This print is 11"x14" and is $25.00.  You can find it at {hippos and nuts}.

I hope you'll take a minute and browse these stores.  They have many cute items available.  And maybe even drop them a note saying that you appreciate them carrying these items.  I know there are lots of stores that do provide adorable items for children featuring glasses.  Know of any right now? I'd love for you to leave a comment with a link to the item(s) you've found!


Anonymous said...

Great point about the nerd look being cool if it's something you can choose. That really encapsulates what's bugged me about all the linking of glasses with nerdiness. I am not ashamed to say that I'm a nerd, but I'd be one with or without my glasses. I want my daughter to define herself without her glasses doing it for her.

And great collection of fun products with glasses! Are you on the Little Four Eyes pinterest board?

Kadydid Designs said...

No, I'm not! How do I go about doing that?

Anonymous said...

Here's the board:

Are you on Pinterest? If so, I can add you as an editor to our board so you can pin items to it. If not, I'll send you an invite to Pinterest.

Kadydid Designs said...

Awesome! Yes, I'm on Pinterest ( How fun - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Apparently you have to follow the board in order to be added as a contributor.

Kadydid Designs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kadydid Designs said...

I started following the board earlier today...I just unfollowed and followed again to see if it would reset it.


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