Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Flashback #2

Our main bath was an eyesore for a long time. I had been s-l-o-w-l-y been trying to redo it; when you're on a super tight budget, it makes it a little bit harder. But, last summer, with some help from my sister, we managed to make some improvements.

Here's what we started out with.  The lovely mirror took up that entire wall.  My husband hated it.  And, stepping out of that shower was a bit of a shocker too.

Ugly blinds (which unfortunately are still there...)

And just all around drab.  Blah.
I wanted this bathroom to be fun, since it's the bathroom my boys use.  When I started redoing it, we were starting to think about potty training, so I wanted the bathroom to be fun and inviting.  It's a tiny room so there's not much to work with.

And now, this pirate themed bathroom is what we have! We still need to redo the flooring, eventually change the vanity and update the shower, but I like this MUCH better. And the best part? I only spent $150 for the whole thing. Paint, mirror, pictures, decor and Pottery Barn linens. Yay me!!

I think my favorite part is these two little hooks we put in behind the door so the boys can reach their own towels.  And they love that they can get them and put them away all by themselves!

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