Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ninth Street Notions

Hey everybody! I'm so glad Alyssa has invited me to introduce myself today. By the way, I'm Amanda, and I blog over at Ninth Street Notions.

Here I am with my husband, Erik:

He's from Vermont. I'm from Oregon. We met and married in Alaska. Really, I think, how else could it have happened? We're adventurers, and we love to travel. It's only fitting we should meet thousands of miles from where we were born and raised. 

We are also the (parents, owners) of one wild dog named Lexy:

She's some sort of yorkie-poo mutt dog who has been described as quite homely but with a fun personality. I'm certain she sleeps 20 hours of the day just so she can spend the other four bugging me to play with her. I have determined she is basically un-trainable. Fortunately she's a pretty good dog.

On any given day you can find me writing about Erik or Lexy. Or I love sharing recipes like Curried Potato Salad, craft projects like a Workday Survival Kit in a Jar, or sewing tutorials like this Ribbon Pillow.

Really, I just love writing about all of my passions. That's why I started blogging: I needed a place to share my newest creations and even my failures. And in the process I've met a lot of fun people and discovered a lot of new ideas in the bloggy world. I'd love for you to come visit my blog and sign up for my RSS feed if you like what you see. And leave me a note about the sorts of blog posts you like to read. Are you into recipes or crafts? Just reading about the lives of your favorite bloggers? 

And come check me out on Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy. Thanks again for letting my come visit you here!

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