Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interesting Dilemma Part 1

So this is purely a conversational post today, but I really want to get some feedback from others to see what they think!

This morning, as I always do, I checked my Etsy shop and my shop stats. My shop views have been increasing quite a bit lately, so I'm trying to gauge where everybody is coming from. I've been averaging about 120 shop views/day. But when I checked this morning, it said that my views were over 300 before 8:00am!!

Of course I run right over to Google Analytics to see where it's coming from, and lo and behold, somebody had posted a link to my shop (car seat covers specifically) on a rather large women's website, in an open forum, asking others if car seat covers were worth the money or if she should just make one herself.

Now. I know she wasn't specifically asking about my covers (although she did say she thought they were cute). But there have been all sorts of feedback given to her, a lot of it negative.

So how would you handle all this negative publicity attached to your shop and your product? I'll share how I handled the situation tomorrow! :)


Anonymous said...

Publicity is good. They are looking at your shop. When you say negative comments...do they talk about your shop specifically?

Posting in their discussion could backfire. I would just keep posting about their uses in my blog. HTH

Kendall said...

I think it is unfortunate they chose your covers as an example. If anything you are getting free advertising for your amazing covers and maybe one persons negative will become your positive.


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