Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Refurbished Vase

Many, many moons ago, this (ahem) lovely decorative vase was given to my husband while serving his mission in the San Francisco area. He tried giving it to his mother, saying the gift giver meant for her to have it, but a couple of years ago, she gave it back to him. It is his after all.

So, it's been sitting in my garage ever since.
It's a little too ornate, pink and detailed for my taste. BUT. I thought it would make an awesome decorative piece for Halloween!! Nice and gothic looking...perfect for my holiday decor.
So, with a little help from this guy...
I now have this!
And to be perfectly honest,
I'm really starting to love it as a staple piece somewhere in my home!

I love how it now looks almost like cast iron,
and much of my decor is black...

What do you think?
Until I decide, it will sit happily on my dining room table as an autumn piece. When Halloween gets closer, I'll add a few spider webs to it and surround it with some apothecary jars and other fun tidbits.


Heather said...

WOwwww...it turned out AWESOME!!!
Absolutely Perfect for that Gothicy, Halloweenish decor look! Amazing what a little spray paint can do! Very cool, thanks for sharing! I'm jealous! LOL!

Stopping by from the HOp!
"Sweet Peas and Bumblebees"

Elizabeth said...

Stopping by from the Friday Blog Hop! I am a new follower, please follow back :) The vase turned out so nice!!


Rachel said...

I love it! Great transformation!


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