Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mad Men Inspiration

I have to admit that I have recently stumbled across Mad Men (thank you Netflix!) and am now completely obsessed with it. I am loving the characters, the era and the clothes (!). It has made me stop and think about a lot of different things as I try to catch up to the current season.
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The biggest thing on my mind? How women from this era seem to have always had everything together all of the time. When their husbands came home from work, they had a gorgeous (Sunday worthy) dinner waiting on the table for them, their hair perfectly coiffed and children looking their finest. I sure hope (with all the hope in my heart!) that Hollywood has created that stereotype and life wasn't quite as perfect as it seems.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the less than perfect scenario my husband generally comes home to. A wife that is showered if he's lucky; usually no make-up or hair done and typically wearing something covered in child-related goo. The front room might be picked up and on a really, really good day, there is dinner ready for him within 30 minutes of him getting home. He's lucky if the children even have clothes on (It's still stinkin' hot in Phoenix. I admit that I am less than strict about the clothing policy around here), and even luckier still if I am not to the point of ripping all my hair out by the time he gets in the door. (Please, please, please somebody tell me that I am not alone in this...that I am more the norm than the exception...) And seriously. That's not nice for anybody to have to deal with all within 5 minutes of walking through the door. Wouldn't you agree?

So. My Mad Men inspiration? To slowly achieve 1960's housewife perfection. Okay. Not perfection. But at least improvement. My hubby should be home any minute. I spent the last 30 minutes quickly curling my hair and putting some make up on (I should have done a before and after photo...). My goal is to keep at this for a week and then start building on it. This week, hair and make up. Maybe next week I'll add child-goo-free clothes. We'll see if he notices. But if not, I already feel a gazillion times better for taking 30 minutes out of my crazy day to make myself feel (and look) more like me.

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lauryn said...

yes, i love love old style. i gotta check out mad men!

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Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It said...

Love your post! You mean your house isn't perfect at every minute of every day?! I'm shocked! lol Good thing we live in the real world where it's acceptable to be slightly (Ha!) less perfect, right.

lauryn said...

thanks you so much for linking this up to flashback fridays.
flashback fridays is going on again today and will be going all week.. go enter!
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