Thursday, August 25, 2011


So Brychan has been asking the last few days if we could please make cupcakes. He saw this one on my Pinterest page earlier this week, and that is what he wanted to me. Luckily for me, I was able to convince him that plain, chocolate cupcakes were good enough and we could make Cookie Monsters another time.

Cute, though, isn't he?

Photo from

Oh my goodness it was exhausting with 2 little helpers! Needless to say it took 4 times longer than necessary. But, they had a lot of fun, so it's okay.
They were really good about taking turns, and they are now "patiently" (and by patient I mean asking every other minute) waiting for the cupcakes to cool so we can eat them.

Sometimes the simplest activities are the most fun!

Ummm p.s.? It's a good thing this face is so cute cause his chocolatey little hands have just cleansed themselves on my white, down, mattress topper in the guest bedroom.


Mallory said...

Oh geez those cookie monster cupcakes are adorable, I'm going to have to pin it. I love the last picture of your fudgey faced little one.

Sherree said...

I remember when our oldest daughter was small and we would go to Baskin Robbins and get the Sesame character ice cream for her. She always loved the cookie monster. You did a great job on yours. I have jumped over to visit your blog from "Circle of Friends" blog hop. Have a great and blessed weekend.


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