About Me

I am Alyssa, one of the two sisters that make up Kadydid Designs. Originally from South Dakota, I married  a wonderful man (David) from Idaho who I met while going to college in Utah.  I am a stay at home mommy to my two little boys (Brychan who is 3 and Kehlton who is 1).

In my pre-stay-at-home-mommy life, I was an early childhood educator. I taught preschool; worked in childcare. I was the director of several large, corporate based preschools (not at the same time). I loved what I did and did it for 10+ years. Then Baby Boy #1 came along. So I stepped back into a more family friendly job (teaching at Head Start). I loved that too. And then we moved to Arizona and Baby Boy #2 came along. So now, I do a very tiny amount of working at the local elementary school and spend a very large amount of time being a wife and mommy. I LOVE it. Kadydid Designs was born out of a desire to make a little money while staying at home, doing something that I loved doing.

My hope is that this blog will be a mix of all things that I love...sewing, crafting, children and family.  A little bit of me and my life and a bit of our Etsy "life".

That's my story, and this is my family.  I love them!!

By the way, my sister is Ashley.  She's 5 years younger than me, 5 inches shorter than me, we won't mention how many pounds skinnier than me, and is a creative genius. Ashley is fun, hardworking and enjoys living up the single life.  She's amazing!! My sons adore her and call her Lala (which is how she will probably be referred to throughout the blog).  She's the best Auntie anyone could ask for.
This is her with my youngest son.  She hates this photo, but I love it.  Sorry, Ash!


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