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Friday, January 19, 2018

Design Your Own Products & Lots of Fabric Options!

As I mentioned in my last post, my shop is shifting.  Let me tell ya....it's a lot of hard work!!  I'm so glad I'm allowing myself several months to transition everything over.  Since I have my shop spread out over a couple of different platforms, I thought I may be easier to show a large chunk of fabric options all in one place.

**These are by no means the ONLY options available.  I just picked out the most popular ones right now.  Not seeing something you love?  That's okay!  Message me and we'll find something you DO love!!**

You will now find listings that look like these in both my Etsy shop and on my website


There are also lots of different fabrics to choose from!  You can pick from different dimple dot minkys or from more luxurious backings like llama and sherpa.  The options are endless!!

Are you ready to design your own baby gear?  Give me a holler!! I am so excited to help you create the baby goods of your dreams!

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